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That was fucking funny

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Yo, alright. This was pretty fire. Overall enjoyed the song. Thought it was really welled mixed and sound choice was solid. But I'm here because you wanted criticism, so I'll do my best. My biggest complaint is that it's repetitive. It was just the same beat over and over with slight variations. I can barely hear a sub bass, which is nice. Don't want it too overpowering. But a droning bass synth that drops out behind the drums would have had to the depth a lot. Another thing I found kinda strange is when you suddenly switched to base E at :29. I was really digging that change, but then you went back to base B at :44 and never explored different keys. Because you only went into base E for 15 seconds, it felt entirely out of place. I'd suggest waiting to switch to E until about halfway through, then sticking with E for the rest of the song. Just to make it seem more deliberate. Alright, I got nothing else for you homie. Keep up the jams.

Hey dude, it took me a while to get here. This song flows really well, I thought some of the sounds were a little off, but they actually fit really well with the mood of the song. It is a little repetitive, but it’s catchy, so that’s alright with me. While it is catchy, I can’t say there’s really anything that stands out about it. Not necessarily a bad thing, though. In the end, it’s just a nice chill song I enjoy listening to. Keep it up big guy.

Damn this is solid. It’s got a nice flow and I found myself bopping to it before long. Only 2 things I found wrong with it: the mixing and mastering is a little unpolished (although I’m not very good at that so I have no room to talk), and it gets repetitive. Overpowering repetition is something I’ve been working away from for years, so it’s not easy by any means. Just means more hours coming up with new melodies. Either way, keep up the good work, man

A math major at CU Boulder. I do music on the side, so it's hard to create tunes while I'm being buried in homework by the college. Thank you guys for listening to my stuff, though.

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